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Call to boost safety measures, MTR staff training and Hong Kong public awareness

Passenger safety was called into question, following Friday night’s +Read more

Posted by on 15 February 2017 15:54:31

China To Tender More Xinjiang Oil, Gas Blocks To Non-State Firms

BEIJING, Jan 23 (Reuters) - China will auction about 30 oil and gas blocks in the northwestern region of Xinjiang this year to investors outside the top state energy firms, state m..+Read more

Posted by on 01 February 2017 15:14:00

China poised for pick up in oil and gas pipeline construction after prolonged lull

Chu Kong short-listed as potential supplier to a 200bn yuan, 8,972km Sinopec gas pipeline project linking Xinjiang with Zhejiang and Guangdong

Oil an..+Read more

Posted by on 08 February 2017 15:41:19

China investigates former local party boss for bribery

China's top prosecutor's office said Sunday it is conducting a bribery investigation into a high-ranking official who was the mayor of a..+Read more

Posted by on 25 January 2017 12:43:49

ChinaCoal mine Workplace accidents continue to decline in China

Workplace accidents continued to decline in China, according to the official data released on Monday.

The State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) reported 60,000..+Read more

Posted by on 19 January 2017 14:16:48

China urges efforts to improve workplace safety

Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai (C), State Councilor Guo Shengkun (R) and State Councilor Wang Yong attend a national teleconference on production safety in Beijing, ca..+Read more

Posted by on 13 January 2017 15:16:10

China says it seized US Navy drone to ensure safety of ships

China says its military seized a U.S. Navy unmanned underwater glider in the South China Sea but it will give the drone back. But President-elect Donald Trump says the Chinese gove..+Read more

Posted by on 30 December 2016 09:50:48

China issues guideline to improve work safety

China issued a guideline on improving work safety, seeking to plug the holes in its supervision mechanism, laws and safety standards to effectively prevent accidents. The country v..+Read more

Posted by on 23 December 2016 12:21:06

China to Toughen Work Safety Regulations to Reduce Accidents

BEIJING – China is set to toughen its work safety regulations to reduce workplace accidents significantly by 2020, official media reported on Monday.

Measures will..+Read more

Posted by on

A water war in Asia?

Tensions over water are rising in Asia — and not only because of conflicting maritime claims. While territorial disputes, such as in the South China Sea, attract the most attenti..+Read more

Posted by on 14 December 2016 15:26:27

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