Trainer Courses - Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) or the Cert IV in Training and Assessment (Cert IV TAE) 高级证书培训和评估( ACTA)或证书IV的培训和评估(证书IV TAE)

About Course

So you want to be a registered Trainer? You want to have a second career as a professional or registered Trainer. Then you need to be qualified. Sure the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) is a local license and training required by Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) framework. Any person who delivers any training in Singapore under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) framework needs to be competent and the Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) deems the person competent.

However what if you need to practice in a different country? What if you wish to operate or move to Australia? Then the Australian Cert IV in Training and Assessment (Cert IV TAE) is a more ideal choice for you to get registered as a trainer.

ACTA in Singapore is only offered by a few companies and we are not competing with them for the ACTA qualifications. Currently you can take the Australian Cert IV in TAE and do a “top up” with CU1 to get the complete ACTA.

Even if you have already gotten the ACTA or even DACE, the Australian Cert IV is the next course for you. To be deemed a competent trainer in Australia, you need the Cert IV in TAE.

Both the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) and the Cert IV in TAE provide a good foundation to deliver training and assessments across different industries.

Come join us for the next run of the Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

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所以,你想成为一个注册培训师?你想拥有第二职业作为一个专业或注册培训师。然后,你需要合格。当然高级证书培训和评估(ACTA)是由新加坡劳动力技能资格(WSQ)框架所需的本地许可证和培训。任何人谁提供了新加坡劳动力技能资格(WSQ)框架下,在新加坡任何培训需要胜任和高级证书培训和评估(ACTA)认为能干的人。 然而,如果你需要的东西在不同的国家实践?如果你想有什么工作,或者移动到澳大利亚?然后,澳大利亚第四证书培训与评估(证书IV TAE)是你获得注册为教练的较为理想的选择。 ACTA在新加坡只由少数几家公司提供的,我们不与他们的资格ACTA竞争。目前,你可以把澳大利亚证书IV在TAE和做一个“顶起来”与CU1获得完整ACTA。 即使你已经得到了ACTA甚至鲮鱼,澳洲证书IV是你的下一个疗程。被认为是在澳大利亚一个称职的教练,你需要在TAE的证书IV。 无论是WSQ高级证书培训和评估(ACTA)和证书IV在TAE提供了一个良好的基础,不同行业提供培训和评估。 快来加入我们的证书IV的培训和评估下一次运行。 要了解更多关于我们的证书IV在培训和评估(证​​书IV TAE),请与我们联系。发邮件给我们或可在+65 62640889给我们打电话。

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该证书IV TAE(当然训练师)课程配备与原发性的技能和知识的个人承担课程开发人员,开发人员考核,课堂培训师和/或评估中的作用。这也将有助于提高你的技能,作为一个内部培训师/培训协调员/培训经理,开发和提供劳工教育方案和进行评估的机构。



So how does this Cert IV in TAE (course for trainers) benefits you?

It’s a competency-based training that focuses on equipping you with the competencies to perform specific job tasks.

The Cert IV TAE (course for trainers) course equips individuals with essential skills and knowledge to take on the roles of a curriculum developer, assessment developer, classroom trainer and/or assessor. It will also help to enhance your skills as an in-house trainer/ training coordinator/training manager to develop and deliver on-the-job training programs and conduct assessments for the organization.

This course will be useful to:

  • Insurance Trainers
  • Real Estate Trainers
  • Professional Trainers
  • Trainers who need to travel to various countries
  • People who are moving into the training arena with little knowledge of the training field
  • Full / Part-time In-house Trainers
  • Line Leaders / Line Trainers
  • Freelance Trainers
  • Training Consultants
  • Training Managers
  • Training Administrators
  • Course / Training Program / Curriculum Developers
  • Assessment Developers
  • Assessors
  • Management Representatives