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Exxonmobil multi billion dollar investments Singapore

ExxonMobil Singapore mentioned that Exxonmobil has plans to make a final investment decision in 2019 on what it called a "multi-billion dollar" project that would expand its cle..+Read more

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Exxonmobil Starts 2 new plants Singapore

Singapore's petrochemical industry improved when American energy giant ExxonMobil started production at two new multibillion-dollar plants. The huge Exxonmobil complexes, which ..+Read more

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Safety inductions or mandatory training for work in Singapore

Safety induction or safety required training for Singapore

So you may have a project in the Oil Gas or petrochemical industry in Singapore. You may have worked in G..+Read more

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Hazards and Risks what you need to know

Hazards and Risks

hazard is an article, substance or situation that has the potential to cause harm or damage.<..+Read more

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Fire Triangle


The Fire Triangle

Before a fire can start, three components have to be present in sufficient quantities.  These form a ..+Read more

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Classification of Fires

Classification of Fires

Fires are commonly classified into five categories according to the fuel type.  The classification also serves as the basis for ident..+Read more

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Thai Boys in a Cave, Elon Musk and the World Cup


Elon Musk

Elon Musk said that his companies could assist by trying to pinpoint the boys’ precise location using Space Exploration Technolo..+Read more

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