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Former President SR Nathan passes away at 92

Former Singapore President S R Nathan died on Monday (Aug 22), three weeks after suffering a stroke. He was 92 at the time of death.

The Prime Ministers Office..+Read more

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Senior System Safety Engineer Enggsol Pte Ltd

Company provides:



●  Competitive Benefits and Bonus


●  Well Planned Career Op..+Read more

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KPW Safety Coordinators (‘SC’) – 2 Positions (S$3,000 to 3,200) – Chevron Oronite, Jurong Island Project

Safety Coordinators (‘SC’) – 2 Positions (S$3,000 to 3,200) – Chevron Oronite, Jurong Island Project

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Quality and Product Safety Manager Schindler Lifts

Quality & Product Safety Manager


Process Safety Engineers Exxonmobil Asia Pacific

Job Description


- Provide process safety and risk assessment ..+Read more

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Workplace Safety Health Conference 2016 Singapore

Minister Lim Swee Say, the Singapore Manpower Minister said that 9 out of 10 workplace deaths in construction sector occur because workers had unsafe behaviours or adopted unsaf..+Read more

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South Africa’s mines ministry defends safety drive

South Africa's government defended a renewed drive to reduce deaths and injuries in the mining industry on Tuesday, saying health and safety issues are "non- negotiable."<..+Read more

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NEBOSH IGC Training provider in China

NEBOSH Training provider in China (NEBOSH Course Provider in China Beijing Shanghai Tianjun)


Simply Safety NEBOSH IGC China Beijing , Shangh..+Read more

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Dont Escalate Tension, Manila Urges Beijing

THE PHILIPPINES on Friday urged China to refrain from any activity that would further escalate tension in the hotly contested West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

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Prime Minister Lee takes ill during National Day Rally 2016

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong took ill while delivering a National Day rally speech on 21 August 2016. PM Lee however returned to the stage after about an hour's..+Read more

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